PIANOTEQ on DORICO - velocity vs dynamics

Hi guys,

I’m using PIANOTEQ and really would like to override the velocity curve and instead use the DYNAMICS of the score to control the velocity.

To be more specific, it happens only with flows that had the velocity lane previously configured. With new flows, the DYNAMIC markings seem to override the velocity lane (this I prefer, but I’d like to know how to change this in case I need to).
Is there any form to get rid of the “influence” of the velocity over dynamics and vice-versa?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m not sure I completely understand your question here, @mortegae. The dynamics you write in your score do give rise to different velocity values already, and that relationship between dynamic level and velocity is indeed controlled by the power curve on the Dynamics page of Playback Options. You should find that changing the power curve allows you to influence the response you receive from dynamics, and I suspect there are also controls in Pianoteq’s interface that determine how it interprets different velocity values as well.

Thanks @dspreadbury sorry if I explained myself poorly. After several trys and errors I have noticed that the option that works for me is Reset Playback Overrides (I have the Spanish version and the translation -although absolutely correct- wasn`t helping identify it).

Fortunately, after using this command, all previous velocities are erased and the dynamics get the control, so problem solved.

Right, I see: if you find that the velocities that have been recorded as part of your performance are indeed unwanted, then removing the playback overrides is a good way to approach the problem.

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and don’t forget, if you didn’t already spot it, that the Dynamics slider on the main Pianoteq page also affects the dynamic range of the instrument. You’ll want the best possible starting dynamics for the score markings to reduce the need for later editing to get the best out of it though there’s bound to still be some required as Pianoteq has a large number of dynamic layers.