Pianoteq v8

For those interested, I saw this just now.
Upgrade page:
(with a nice long grace period of a year if I read the FAQ correctly).

The new instrument, Classical (acoustic) guitar which is tempting.


Thanks for the info, bought the upgrade without hesitation.

I must say that Modartt has an extremely fair upgrade policy. I had bought the Pro Studio version 6 (because of all the awesome instrument packs), even though it was rather expensive, and when v7 came out, I was a bit worried how much it would cost to upgrade - and then it was less than 10 percent of the original price.

The new guitar sounds great!

I’m geeking out here at 8 in the morning…when you change the tuning to a non-equal temperament, the fretboard updates accordingly


So much fun :smiley:


Wow! I didn’t expect that kind of detail!

I see that I have been automatically upgraded to 8 due to upgrading to 7 not long ago, but I guess the guitar must be purchused separately?

Excellent job from moddart, as usual!

I don’t think so. The guitar should be included, it was in my upgrade.

EDIT: Sorry for causing confusion. I own the Studio license (= Pro plus all instrument packs), and here, new instrument packs are included in the upgrade price, but not in Pro. I was confused because when I start Pianoteq, it calls itself “Pianoteq Pro”, because it’s the same program; Studio is just an additional bundle.

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I paid for the update (29€ from PianoTeq Pro 7) and the classical guitar is not included.

I believe you’re right. A free instrument is given for upgrades (e.g. Stage → Standard, Standard → Pro), but no freebies are given for updates (e.g. Pianoteq 5 → 6, 6 → 7, 7 → 8)


In my humble opinion, if the guitar isn’t included, the web site is potentially a bit misleading. I suspect quite a few people wouldn’t realize it’s just one of the instruments available for purchase.

I think it’s a mistake to give the guitar this prominence anyway (especially as there are no new pianos available). It makes Pianoteq look a much less serious tool than it is in reality.

If you know how their program works (instrument packs) it’s not that surprising. They do make a lot of fuss, for sure, but there is this:

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Ah, right. I have the Studio licence (= Pro plus all instrument packs), and apparently that also includes instrument packs in future upgrades - even though the upgrade costs only €29 as well. That’s nice.

I’m pretty happy with Pianoteq 7, and thought it was worth the update to v8 at 29 euros just to get the guitar. Thanks for the tip, I won’t bother now. Anyway, I think I’d prefer a good organ VST as it would be used more.

I only got v7 three days ago so naturally 8 was free. Basically I’ve skipped 7 altogether, it looks like! What I like most about Pianoteq is simply playing it – I’m still not sure I don’t prefer a competent sampled piano in my actual works.

Upon playing a bit with v8 late at night (this is a veiled disclaimer), I see that while the guitar instrument is not included, the guitar interface is included.

So, one could use that to apply some twist to the instruments they already possess. I didn’t try the pianos, but with electric keyboards I got some interesting sounds using the legato and tapping modes.