Pianoteq VST will not appear in Dorico


I was using Pianoteq 5 extensively in Sibelius and now very much want to use it in Dorico as there are so many piano specific composing features in Dorico. When I go to Play Mode and look at the available instruments, only Halion, Symphonic Orchestra and Vienna Ensemble appear as options (which is very disappointing indeed!). I have many other instruments installed on my system and am wondering what I might be doing wrong as others on the Dorico forum appear to be using Pianoteq.

Any suggestions?

Paul Nicholls

This thread is pinned at the top of this forum. You might find it useful. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=104927

I’ve been using Pianoteq 6 for several months now. I seem to recollect that I had to “twiddle” with it a bit to get it working, but what exactly that was I don’t recall.

Sorry I can’t be more specific :frowning:

Pianoteq 5 is VST2, I think… I don’t use either. In addition to the thread which Leo cites, there is Dorico help for VST 2 plugins here.
Pianoteq 6 is VST 3. In which case this thread ought to help.

If you can not get it working, then please tell if you are having Pianoteq 5 or 6.
Also, please choose from Dorico’s menu bar Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That will create a zip file on you desktop, please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.
The zip file contains log information and gives me more insights; then I can give more advice.

I have just ordered the upgrade of Pianoteq to Version 6 but the impression I have here is that Version 5 is also VST3 so I still do not understand why it does not appear in Dorico. Is there a feature that will allow Dorico to rescan for suitable plugins?

I have just sent a diagnostics report too.

Judging from what it says about introducing VST 3 in 6.0.0 (2017/09/06) here, and the fact that they refer to ‘…the old ‘Pianoteq 5 vst2’…’ as the first item in ‘2017/10/11’, you may be lucky - and that may not be the case.

Definitely, Pianoteq 5 is VST2 and only 6 is VST3.

Both PianoTeq 5 and 6 work fine. At least on Win.
A default installation of 6 should work in Dorico right away. Regarding VST2, Dorico needs to know where the VST is located. There is no universal standard installation path for VST2, but there is an xml file listing which directories Dorico will search (on Win> …appdata/roaming/steinberg/vstaudioengine_64/Vst2xPlugin SearchPaths VST AudioEngine.xml) One can also extend or modify this file to include the correct path. Otherwise> Program Files/Common Files/VST2 seems to be reliable. This VST2 folder has to be created and copies of the VSTs placed into this folder should work. Also, the vst2whitelist file has to be a pure TEXTfile …