Piccolo/Flute Octave Condensing in Same Staff

I’m surprised to see that this topic hasn’t come up in a search. Is there a way to condense a piccolo and flute (separate solo players) on the same staff, but have it so the piccolo is not at its “proper” octave, but instead doubling the flute’s octave for condensing purposes? This is fairly common in band scores where vertical space is at a premium, and lots of ledger lines can be a quick recipe for disaster if not handled carefully.

This same principle could be applied to cello/bass condensing in the other direction, as well.

Not currently possible.

Is it possible to-
Notate the Piccolo as, let’s say, a 2nd Flute player. Then, in the second Flute part layout, name the part Piccolo and apply a transposition override. ???

Probably, but that’s certainly a long workaround that may be more trouble than it’s worth.

Wow, I just got bitten by this myself. Condensing a piccolo and flute onto the same staff, the piccolo is notated at it’s sounding pitch rather than its written pitch. I respectfully submit a feature request to allow you to set whether the transposing instrument on a condensed staff shows at written or sounding pitch. This would likely be helpful for other octave doubling situations like bassoon/contrabassoon, cello/bass.

Looks like this is exactly what I need, but for Trumpet Bb and Tenor Sax Bb.