Piccolo not heard in playing

I can not hear sound of piccolo in trying to write score for Beethoven . using noteperformer .

Hi !
That is not the expected behavior. But if you want some help, please give us some more information. Like your .dorico file.

02_WoO08_Complete Score_final.dorico (703.4 KB)

Please look flow : WOo No 6 .


I don’t know why, but the piccolo is attributed to the third instrument of the second instance of NotePerformer, which is… a clarinet. Simply go to play mode>play menu>Playback template and apply NotePerformer again. Now the piccolo is the fifth instrument of my first instance of NP and… it works.

You are in good company: I believe Beethoven had the same problem!
David :smiley: