Piccolo set to transposing but not notated correctly

I’m notating everything at “concert pitch”, so everything should read to the conductor at actual pitch. Everything is working correctly from full score to part layouts except for piccolo. If I notate in my full score a note as g6 (the actual sounding note I want), it should notate as g5 in the part sheet (since piccolo sounds up an octave), but that’s not what is happening.

What am I missing here? The non-transposing instruments and other transposing instruments are working fine and I double checked and all layouts are set to ‘Transposing Layout’.

My understanding is that Piccolo (and for that matter Double Bass) always transpose in the score (Edit: and in parts), so transposed v concert pitch makes no difference for them. Piccolo will always sound 8ve higher than notated.

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Oh, I didn’t know that’s the way it works for those two instruments. Is that the way it normally works for orchestration in general; meaning does it work the same way for anyone anywhere notating for piccolo, and this isn’t just a feature of Dorico? I’m still relatively new to all this.

Yep. This is standard notation, not anything Dorico specific.

Ok, I obviously missed that in my orchestration book… Thank you!