pick and choose midi input routing

currently, I can choose between ‘All MIDI Inputs’ or one of the multiple MIDI input devices that I have. I would like to be able to choose one or more of the individual devices without choosing ‘All MIDI Inputs’.

Are you aware that in this context “all” doesn’t really mean every existing input.

In Studio/Studio Setup/MIDI Setup you can select which MIDI Inputs are used and which ones are not used when you select “All”

Thanks raino. I was not aware of that. that is useful information and will be quite beneficial. I think this fixed my immediate issue which was that my surface controller was selected in ‘All MIDI Inputs’ and touching faders and the transport would send midi signals to my track. I haven’t thought this through all the way, but this is a global setting. Seems like it would be nice to be able to configure this on a per track basis.