Pick midi track to edit directly from the Key Editor?


Being brand new to Cubase since a couple of days (coming off Pro Tools) I am trying to get into my usual workflow. Most of the things have been pretty straight forward but there are a few things that I am really missing.

With regards to midi editing I really like the overall look and feel of the key editor but I feel like one main function that I used all the time in Pro Tools are missing. If I want to edit multiple midi tracks in the same key editor view I have to mark them in the main view first, and then open the key editor. I find this really messing up my workflow as I am used to be able to pick which midi tracks I want to see and edit directly in the key editor without having to close it, mark tracks, edit, close, mark tracks go back etc.

I Pro Tools you have a midi library visible in the key editor view which allowed you to easily “activate” the tracks you wanted to see and edit.

Am I missing anything? Is this possible in Cubase 7? If not I would be a very happy camper to see it in the future.

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Aloha j,

Perhaps there is a way to do this in Cubase but
in all my years of using it, I have not found a way.

Other users may chime in with a solution.
Would be a very kool feature tho’.

Perhaps Steiny will implement this in a future



Something like the Track visibility list in MixConsole, just for Midi tracks - click which you want to see/edit in the Key Editor (all colour coded of course). Nice.