pick-up bar... help


Please, what would be the easier way to, at this point, add a pickup bar? I try just straight by shift - b, 4/4,1 but the music gets shift.

Thank you

I hope there’s an easier way, but this works:

  • enter a (redundant) 4/4 in bar 2
  • in bar 1 do shift-b and enter +1
  • enter 4/4 in what is now bar 2
  • enter time sign 1/4 i bar 1, then delete what is now bar 2,3 & 4.
  • enter 4/4,1 in bar 1
  • delete reduntant time sigs in what is now bar 2 and 3.


in bar 1 do shift-b and enter +1

since Dorico version 2 there is no need for the ‘+’ any more (in this context). Just enter Shift-B, then ‘1’ and confirm with Enter.

Hello Fratveno,

Thank you so much for sharing how to add a pickup bar, after the piece is almost done and includes chord symbols.
I followed your routine and it works! Great!

I hope that Daniel takes note of this and give us an easier way to accomplish it.

Best regards,

Erm, there is a quicker way.

  1. Select first beat of first bar, Shift+B, type 1 then Enter
  2. Set caret to third beat of new bar 1, invoke Shift-M popover, type 4/4, 1 then Enter
  3. Use system track to delete (new) bar 1.

If 10 seconds isn’t quick enough then I honestly don’t know what is :wink:

Hello Pianoleo,

Oh man! That is really great!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

In my opinion there is NO need to make it any easier. As it is, there are just three logical steps. No need to bother Daniel to make it any easier.

Best regards,

Ah, what elegance the active caret brings to the table! :slight_smile: thanks for this reminder!

I totally agree!!! :slight_smile:


Could you please let me know what program you use to make the gift animation?
I am on a Mac

Giphy Capture. It’s free!