pick-up bar

Is there a special method, function, tutorial, or work-around that can easily add a pick-up bar to an existing piece?

Welcome to the forum, martini4al. It should be simple enough: select the time signature at the start of the piece, type Shift+M, and then type the desired time signature and its pickup, e.g. if you want 4/4 with a one quarter pick up, type “4/4,1” into the popover. If you need to then shunt the music along because you need to add something for the pick-up, type Shift+B and type e.g. “+1q” to add one quarter’s worth of time there, and push all the music along.

I should add that if you want to retrofit a pickup to an existing piece without losing repeat bars and such, turn on insert mode before you edit the time signature. I ran into this yesterday.

Thank you Daniel and Dan. I’ll give it go. :slight_smile: