Pick Up mode for Fader does not work for volume

I have a controller with a bunch of faders. Controller is a KeyLab MKII.
I have everything set up correctly as far as I can tell, everything works well too, except that even though my faders are configured in “Pick up” mode, whenever I use them for volume, they the volume in the mixer moves accordingly to the first touch/movement of the fader, instead of moving when I reach the point where the fader is and “picking up” the value.
Any ideas?


Could you describe your setup? As far as I know, KeyLab is using Mackie Control or HUI protocol. Or do you use Generic Remote Device?

both the keylab’s global settings for the faders and cubase’s generic remote have a “pick up” option.

did you try different combinations of them?

my first guess would be setting keylab on “jump” and cubase on pickup.