Pick up notes and sections

I use the split tool to split my music into “Intro”, “Verse”, “Chorus”, “Bridge” etc.
I give each section a different colour.

Works pretty well.

What, though,when one of the section has pick up notes that quite rightly belong to the section but start in the previous section.

How to accomodate that?

It’s easy enough to copy the notes into the previous section, but that is not a good solution.
(Moving the sections around then moves the pick up notes.)

Any ideas?


So you’re starting with one big wav file?

I use the arranger track to keep track of chorus, verse, etc.

Are these MIDI parts? Whether you’re using the arranger track or not, if you just want to quickly mix and match parts, then I would have two versions of every part that is a problem, one with pickup notes and one without. A more elegant solution might be something like “labeling” pick up notes somehow (such as with a unique channel), and then have the MIDI transformer mute them on the fly. That almost certainly is way more work than just having two versions though.

I do this by hand. I generally use the arranger only for roughly auditioning test arrangements, then when I need to firm up the arrangement I actually do it with global copy and paste, precisely because I usually need include pickup and tail notes or parts. That’s the only way I can see to do it, and it always involves some tidying up of the transitions as well.