Pickup bar/Ending Bar for Hymns

I have a basic need which must be obvious and simple, but I’m missing it.

I am engraving a hymn with a pickup bar. Also, I believe it is customary to subtract the pickup value from the final bar. I have an existing beginning 6/4 bar with the pickup quarter note on the last beat. I also show a quarter rest at the end of the last bar. What is the simplest way to hide the rests and move the notes over to use that space?

Sorry if this has been covered, but a lengthy search through the forum and manual and I haven’t found the answer I need. The manual has instructions for note entry in a pickup bar. My note entry is complete.


You could add a 5/4 time signature in the last bar and hide it via the properties panel.

Nice. How about the first bar? If I add a 1/1 time sig and hide it, then my 6/4 time sig won’t appear until the 2nd bar.

Ah, you mean the pickup bar?
Enter the 6/4 time signature in the popover as 6/4, 1. You might have to delete the five rests afterwards.


This is exactly what I’ve needed to know. I somehow overlooked that syntax for the popover. Thank you.

A nice way to end the bar is simply click on the last (unwanted) rest and invoke the barline popover by typing Shift-b, and type “final”. If the rest remains, do the command “Trim Flow”, but in most cases it just goes away (leaving you with a shortened measure). Alternatively, click on the final barline tool at that position.