pickup bar of three 8th in a 3/4th

I checked the manual and the FAQ and couldn’t find an answer:

Is there a way to define pickup bars with finer granularity than the base duration ?
E.g. a 3/8th pickup in a regular 3/4th measure ?

Type in “3/4,1.5” (without the quotation marks, of course) in the popover

I thought this has been discussed before, and that the 1.5, etc., does not work in the popover.


I just tried it and it worked perfectly. Are there special situations where this malfunctions?

I remember that non-integer figures would not work when entering tuplets. Glad to know it works for pickups

Learn something new everyday!!! (or re-learn for that matter)


Glad I could help! It’s funny though because I’ve been doing this since day one. For a couple of really finicky ones though, I’ve had to use a calculator first!