Pickup bar

I have imported a xml file of music for flute and piano which is in 2/2 time with a pickup bar of 1 quaver.

The piano plays that quaver, the flute has a quaver rest.

But, the bar has a great big gap before the quaver. How do I get rid of the gap to make the music look neater.


  1. Select the first note played by the piano (ie the first note in the piece, the pick-up)

  2. Press Shift-M for the time signatures popover

  3. Enter “2/2,0.25” for a 2/2 time signature with a quarter beat pick-up (quarter of a minim = quaver)

  4. Press Return to input it

  5. Select something in or at the beginning of the now-obsolete bit of time at the beginning of the flow, before your new time signature with pick-up

  6. Press Shift-B, enter “-1”, press Return

You should now have the 2/2 time signature at the start, with pick-up, with no extra time.

(An alternative method: make sure any hidden rests are shown at the beginning of the flow by selecting the first note in the piano and deactivating the Starts voice property; or just checking the rests aren’t coloured transparent or something; then select the excess rests, and with Insert mode active and set to the Global Adjustment of Current Bar scope, simply press Delete. But as it’s an import, it’s hard to say exactly what’s going on in the file so inputting a new time signature from scratch might be cleanest.)

Thanks Lillie, your first suggestion worked just fine.

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