Pickup measure?

Is there a way to insert pickup measure before measure 1 in Cubase? I’m doing audio recording.


Do you mean Pre-count, or do you need one more bar?

In the Project Setup (Shift+S), you can set Bar Offset.

Nice! Thank you!

You can start the project at Bar 5 or Bar 9 and then you have open measure for a pick-up.

Using Arranger Track, you could also have a segment that just played the pick-up. Finally, you might Flatten the Arrangement into a New Project with the pick-up included.

I usually start projects on Measure 5 so I have some open time before the fist measure of the actual project. Good luck.

Myself I usually start project at Bar 3.

(By the time I arrive at the third bar, I’m usually too drunk to record anything anyways … sorry, couldn’t resist :slight_smile: )

That’s why you need to put a rest in the second bar.


I like starting projects on bars five or nine because 1) GA Patterns. I often use four (8 beat) and eight bar (16 beat) patterns and want them to begin on beat one and like the instrument to be set to work that way. 2) I like having ample pre-roll in a project. Also, later on, if I get up to actually working on an arrangement, I’ll sometimes use those early measures for pickups or second endings. Cheers! :slight_smile: