Pickup measures and repeats

Sorry again a question, maybe rather simple, but trying to find my way!
In this example:

I am not succeeding in the last measure before the repeat bar!
The measure is C
The piece start with a pickup measure of 1 sixteenth, popover definition c,0.25 OK
The measure after the repeat bar is defined the same (c,0.25), but when I try to define the measure just before the repeat bar I cannot seem to get it right, I thought it would be c,3.75 but the result I do not understand:
Why are there suddenly two bars 11?
The second bar 11 is superfluous I think, but why does it suddenly popup here?

In these situations, all you need do is select the final semiquaver and add the new barline (either click from the right barline panel, or use the popover shift-B :||:). Dorico will sort out the bar lengths.

(edit: like this…

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Perhaps the problem is that you defined the part of m. 11 that is after the repeat mark as a separate measure. You might try starting with a 4/4 measure that includes the final 16th notes, and then insert the repeat mark in between the rest and the note. Then the part of measure 11 that follows the repeat mark will also be called m. 11. I have just done of bunch of these in my first Dorico project and it seems to work better that way. Now I will let someone who knows what they are doing give you the real answer…

It does mystify as to why the warning flags say 4/4 when those measures are clearly 15/16 and 1/16, which if so stated in the flags would be much more helpful, but I am sure this will become clear in time…

Janus, John_Ruggero many thanks!
In Musescore you are the one that has to think about this kind of stuff: make the last measure before the repeat a bit shorter, add the repeat bar, add a pick-up bar, do not forget to select that this last bar does not count for the number of measures. So that is about what I tried to do, not realizing that I do not have to think, but Dorico does that for me. Now it look like this:
Perfect I think!

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You are very welcome. JeroenH. Finale requires the same kind of a workaround, so at first, I did the same as you until I realized that it was unnecessary in Dorico.