Pickup Note Bar Revert To Full Bar


I started a score in 3/4 with a pickup note. I’d like to undo this and revert back to a full bar of 3/4 with crotchet rests for beats 1 and 2 and the previous pickup note on the third beat

I’ve tried everything but can’t find how to do this, so can anyone advise?


Here’s what I’d do:

  1. Go to the very start of the score and insert a 2/4 time signature to replace the existing 3/4 with pick-up.
  2. With the caret showing at the very start, type Shift+B for the bars popover: enter “+1” into the popover and hit Return. This will insert two quarters’ rest at the start.
  3. Now type Shift+M for the meter popover, enter “3/4” into the popover and hit Return.

That should do it!

Thanks Daniel, that did the job. :slight_smile: