Pickup sticking with all systems

This is a dumb one I’m sure…

I have a simple piece in 4/4 with a crotchet pick-up.
Every system on every page has a pickup bar and an open 3 beat bar at the end, with the next system having that one beat and so on…
Is there an easy way that I’m missing to sort this all in one go?

This is weird.
To input a pickup of a crotchet in 4/4, you should have inputted in the shift-M popover at the start “4/4, 0.5”.
I just tried to make sure it works properly, and it does.

I input 4/4, 1 for a crotchet.
First system: pickup bar, bar, bar, bar, 3 beat bar (open)
All other systems: 1 beat bar, bar bar bar, 3 beat bar (open)

I’ve fixed it all manually, but there must be a way to do this.

ATM, bars into systems and systems into bars is way more fiddly than Finale. This wheel doesn’t need re-inventing… :slight_smile:

Sorry, I never know which one is a crotchet, which is a quaver… In french, the “croche” is an 1/8th note, hence the mistake !
Could you send a screen capture, I do not understand the open bars you have… and make sure the signposts are visible :wink:

I can’t because I’ve fixed it… I’ll start a new file in exactly the same way and see.
Thanks for your help Marc, I’ve been away from Dorico because of work with Finale.
I have a brief break now from copying, so I’m making the switch… Yay!