Is there a way to disable the annoying picture-browser, when you double-click a track in the track-list?
Thank you for your suggestions!

Can’t confirm this. The picture-broswer displays, when I click (once) on the picture. But if I click outside of the picture (once, or twice), it doesn’t open the picture-browser here, on Mac.

Your’e right. But it also opens, when there is no picture displayed. So if you double-click in the area where the picture is to be displayed, it opens. When I don’t want these pictures (which is only a unnecessary gimmick in my eyes, for a pro software) I cannot disable this function, that it doesn’t pop up when I double click unintentional this area.

You are right, in this case. It should be possible to switch off all picture.

If you are talking about the project window, you can disable pictures.

On the bottom left, under the track list, there is a small arrow. Click on it -> Track control settings -> hide pictures.

When you click on the area where pictures would normally be, the picture browser doesn’t come up after you change that setting.

Thank you!
That was what I am looking for.