Picture in mp3 metadata

Does anyone know how to add a picture in the mp3 metadata section? Is there an easy way to convert an audio montage into a mp3 album with track numbers, picture, metadata, album file (m3u) etc.?

PG? Is this possible?

Adding a picture is not possible with WaveLab.
Converting a Montage to Mp3 with Meta-data is easy: from the Render dialog, access this:

PG: Thanks! Do you know an easy way to get album art embedded into the mp3 album?

For this type of work (and loads of other handy functions) I use Easy CD-DA Extractor. It has a free 30-day trial and then is well worth the money. http://www.poikosoft.com/

Luck, Arjan

Seeing as how this format (mp3 album) seems to be the norm, do you have any plans to add this (album art) feature?

Yes, but not in 7.2 yet.

+1 to get this feature added asap! And thanks for your hard work, PG, listening to customers!

I second that !