Pictures, etc. On Title Page

I have three pages (plus a blank page) created in Word for Title Page, Instrumentation, and Notes. I have also saved this as a pdf. The Title page has a simple graphic above and below the title as a separator.

I can’t figure out (or remember) how to get this into Dorico. If I copy everything on a page in Word, Dorico won’t let me paste it in. If I screen snip Word, Dorico won’t let me paste the image.

There must be a way to do this without having to start over re-creating it in Dorico.

I remember struggling with this on my last score and I think I had to recreate everything in Dorico. (Some people say to create the front matter as a separate file, but I’d really like everything in Dorico.)

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I’m not sure that it’s possible to load PDFs into a Graphics Frame

Apologies if I have misinterpreted your issue

Hi, @konradh

-from Word you have to export the whole page as. jpg.or .png. (or svg. but I don’t think Word can make this). The image Frame can only import this three formats, no PDF.

-in Dorico Engrave mode, create a new page template called title, based on None, and of type Custom, leave it empty, then apply this page template on the first page, eventually you want to apply the First page template to page 2.

-double click on your Title page Template in Dorico , drag a graphic frame that covers all the frame.

-then double click the empty created graphic frame and choose your exported .jpg of the title page.

-repeat this for the other two pages (call the templates for example Instrumentation and Notes). Then on the first page of the music you have to apply the First template.


Export to PDF. Then use Inkscape (open source vector program) to convert to SVG.


Thanks, everyone. Apparently Dorico was messed up. I rebooted everything and it is OK. Sorry for bothering you–it was just not doing anything. :slight_smile:

Apart from its own data, Dorico can only receive text from the pasteboard. (Possibly MIDI.)

Bear in mind that a screenshot won’t be high enough quality for printing.

I’m intrigued by what has changed.!

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