Pieces I've been engraving as a standard model for other pieces

I’ve been working on and off on engraving a piece I composed a few years ago as an exercise to improve/streamline this part of the composing process; here’s the results at this point. It seems decent to me but it can always be better and i’m no expert engraver. What do you think?

bass.pdf (747.1 KB)
cello.pdf (758.8 KB)
full score.pdf (1.9 MB)
viola.pdf (740.1 KB)
violin.pdf (756.8 KB)

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Very nice, on the whole! You might have a think about how the musicians will handle the page turns in the parts, e.g. consider whether you will need to prepare the parts with a fold-out structure or tape them in a concertina, since once each instrument gets going, they don’t really have any convenient point to turn the page in the longer first movement.

Also, just a point of style and only my own opinion, I would probably not use dashed lines for tempo and dynamics, as I find it adds a fair bit of visual noise both above and below an already quite busy staff, particularly when you have a cue staff going on as well. Unless your gradual dynamics and tempos end at a specific point that is not bounded by another marking, e.g. another explicit dynamic or tempo, I think you can safely do away with the dashed lines and not lose anything in terms of communication to the players.


Awesome, thanks for your response! :grinning: