"pin" in the inspector

I see the “pin” in the inspector setup, but how do we evoke “pin” in the inspector?

And why can I not alowed to pin Intrument Track’s (inserts, sends, etc.) ?

When you open the Inspector Settings Dialog window (for each track class), you’ll see a “Pin” column at the right side of the “Visible Items” pane.
As regards Instrument Tracks, it is only the Instrument track’s “Instrument” tab that cannot be pinned (I am guessing, because it opens other sub-tabs, so it could easily cause some recursive situations).

Yeah, I see the pin but how do use it? I’ve tried highlighting=g a section, clicking pin, dragging pin, nothing seems to work and no mention in the manual. Mods?

… and the pin appears correctly in the list?
Remember, this doesn’t force a tab to open, it merely prevents it from closing when you click on a different tab :wink:.

The pin only appears at the top right of the inspector editor, I can’t get it to appear on any of the parts that I add.