Pin plugin

It’d be nice to have ability to have a plugin pinned.

I’m using Waves Studio 3 plugin and need to switch between monitors often. As I move along mixing I tend to lose this plugin gui and have to go back looking for my stereo bus, and reopen it every time.


What about to use Workspaces, please?

If something requires me to watch a 20min + tutorial video for what I imagine should be a one click/one button operation, that tells me it’s probably not a solution I’m looking for, lol. Thank you for the suggestion though. I like simple workflow.

Plugin do have the “Always on top” button but it never ever works.

I’ll break it down in 3 steps that should only take a few seconds to understand

  1. Arrange the various Windows so it is just how you like it
  2. Save that as a Workspace
  3. When you want Cubase to look the way you arranged it in step 1, recall the saved Workspace