Pinch to zoom in cubase 13?

Hello guys,

I had the “pinch bar” 3rd party app for pinching to zoom in Cubase Pro 12 but now it doesn’t work on C13, any idea how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you describe, what does the application do? How does it work?

Hello, the app is called “PinchBar” and it allows users in mac to use the trackpack to pinch zoom within cubase. Very practical rather than scrolling on the small zoom bars…

Heres the link:

Same here not working PinchBar on my M2max Macbook pro

Following here to see if this is fixed as I’ve never heard of this tool but would love to use it! lol

Yes would be great if it works in Cubase 13. Every other DAW I know has a Pinch to zoom function, zooming with CMD+scroll on a Macbook is just annoying because of the “jumps” when you press CMD again shortly after zooming

Hey bricious,

I’m the author of PinchBar and also read about this issue here and there. ATM I know little about the cause and would love to take a closer look. But having no need for Cubase 13 with my band projects, I hesitate to put more money into PinchBar’s support as I already invested $100 for Apple’s signing certificate to make it available to you guys. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about compatibility with Cubase 13, but for now the progress of this request depends on your feedback.

So if you want to use PinchBar with Cubase 13, please answer my questions on its issue tracker. If you don’t want to register on github just answer me here.

Also, thanks in advance :wink:


Hey guys,

this is my tour around the forum to advertise PinchBar 0.3 is public now fixing compatibility with Cubase 13!

Have fun!