Pinch zoom out navigating far back

Does anyone else find that sometimes pinch zoom out takes you back to a totally different place? Very often I just want to zoom out a tiny bit and find myself about 400-500 measures earlier than where I was. I’m on Dorico with an M1 MacBook.

This has been numerously reported. Please search the foeum :wink:
Hopefully this will be corrected in the next update (early February).

oops… my bad. I did search but my wording must’ve been different. I’m so glad this is on the radar!

Actually – in case this is helpful to anyone – The reason you didn’t find it (searching for, say, “zoom”) may have been just that there are hundreds of new threads since the release of 4.0, 16 days ago. Have to scroll down further to be sure nowadays.


Please see this earlier thread:

This problem will be fixed in the forthcoming maintenance update, expected in a few days.