Pinch Zoom - Please Fix!

I finally purchased Cubasis this week. It is a great audio app. Very well designed. I’m loving it.
But… The horizontal zooming is terrible!
I saw mention of this in the forums from over a year ago promising a fix soon.
1.8 and still crazy zooming? This makes a great app very difficult to use.

So, 2 questions:

  1. Has anyone found a way to control the pinch zoom gesture?
  2. When can we expect a fix?

Thank you.

I use horizontal zooming with two fingers all the time and fail to recognize your problem. Could you be more precise?
Working smooth here (iPad Air with Moshi iVisor screen protector).

jimknopf: Try using NanoStudio’s sequencer and zooming / panning. You’ll know what the OP means :slight_smile:

(more technical explanation: in other apps, you can actually pan while zooming, and/or the zooming code recognizes the starting position / direction of the pinch, so it can zoom into the spot “you wanted” without you actively noticing it - it just feels more natural.)

jimknopf: Thanks for the reply. Yes. I should be more specific. I figured everyone might have had the same frustration.
You’re right. The zooming is very smooth and nice. But, like instinctive has pointed out, Cubasis does not behave in the same way other music apps behave when zooming.

A great example is iMPC pro. If you want to zoom in on a kick drum for instance you aim for the beginning of the transient and zoom, zoom, zoom all the way in and it will keep the transient right in the middle of where you are zooming. Very accurate.

By contrast, zooming in Cubasis is cumbersome and frustrating. If you zoom in on a kick the center of where you want to zoom is always moving. So you have to zoom, scoll, zoom, scroll to get what you want.

A good test for this behavior is to try and zoom in on the very beginning of your project. Try and zoom way in on beat one of any waveform. The beginning of the project keeps escaping and you have to scroll back for every zoom.

This is not a natural feel. And, as proven by other apps, it can be done well. iMPC, Audio Paste, Beat Maker 2, Auria and many more, I’m sure.

Oh yes, understood.
I thought you meant moving through the midi and audio tracks of the project and zooming in on locators etc.

jimknopf: The problem exists in both editors (the gesture behaves the same in both), it’s maybe just more appearent in the MIDI editor.


we are aware of this suboptimal zoom behaviour and have it already on our list of requests! :slight_smile: