Pinetop Perkins dies at 97

I absolutely loved this man’s playing. Perkins with Little Walter and Muddy Waters is one of my favorite sounds ever. That music has soothed my soul during some trying times.

I had the pleasure of seeing him at our local blues fest (The Mississippi Valley Blues Festival) a few years back with James Cotton and Hubert Sumlin - one of the best jams I have ever witnessed.

May he rest in peace.

Do tiu think he used the Blues Name Calculator

I came out as Chingrass Blind Ferrous Balls McMummy the infamous barrelhouse baccy chewing vamp strider from Biloxi.

Love those old blues names.

RIP pinetop. 97 is a way to go.

Okay, so I guess it was Otis Spann who I listened to the most on piano with Muddy. Pinetop was still bad, though.

Alot of “Blues” names can definately become a little redundant - like alot of “Blues” music.

I’m either “Big Mama” Junior Hunter Jackson (real name) or “Ominous” Cracker Dog Coolidge (forum name).

Personally, I prefer a combination of both … “Ominous” Cracker Jackson Dog Hunter !

Or, just Scott.

Crikey, guess it’s now Pinebox Perkins :frowning:


`Strummer´ Marmaduke Coolidge