Ping pong delay on a loop

If I am looping the track and mixing in ping pong delay, at the beginning of the loop I get delay from the end of the loop.

The only way to stop this is freezing the track which is no good if I am working on other inserts.

I even seem to be getting a situation where audio is playing back when the volume is completely down but about to be raised.

Obvioulsy I’d like the beginning of the loop to reflect the delay as how it should sound at that point.


This is technically not possible. ASIO means Audio Stream In Out. So there is the audio stream, which is processed in real time.

Your only solution is to mix down the loop with only the ping pong delay on the track. If there are other inserts involved, turn them off before the mix down. Drag the resulting file into a new track in the project. Drag/move the disabled plug-ins from the original to the copy, and turn them on. Continue refining the copy. When you’re done, drag/copy all your finalized inserts back to the original track. Keep the copy track in case you need to work on that section again.

I wanted to do similar thing, it was to turn off the reverb/delay plugin before the next chords comes in to avoid reverb from previous chords messing up in the next chords but i could not do it. I could do it in logic though. i saw a video where EDM producer kSHMR was doing in a Ableton. It is not possible in Cubase. i read somewhere on Steinberg support that turning plugin off is not technically possible. I found it is possible in Logic and Ableton, not sure it is AU or VST difference or other ASIO thing as Martin advised.


You can do this by using FX channel and Send routing.

Martin Jirsak wrote:

“You can do this by using FX channel and Send routing.”

In a loop? Not really. With an effect like a delay with feedback, or a reverb with a fairly long tail, if you try and turn off the send right near the end of the loop, audio that had been sent to the effects prior to turning it off (or quickly dropping the send fader) will still be present in the effect when you turn it back on at the beginning of the loop. Same thing if you try it with the return. This method still suffers from the same problem inserts have in this application. Automating it won’t help either. What I described above will solve the OP’s problem. Yes, extra steps, but it will effectively quash the end of loop delay/reverb spill-over back at the top of the loop.


No, sorry, that was a reply to the

turn off the reverb/delay plugin before the next chords comes


No, sorry, that was a reply to the

Why can’t the audio stream be reset when I force the cursor to the beginning of the loop?

I get when it is looping you have an audio stream that is uninterrupted but having no way to break the stream makes it impossible to properly mix things unless you freeze or render the track, and that is not always possible.

Hi Martin.

I tried it but tail comes back when send increased again. I tried both disabling the FX or automating send level. As soon i brings send level up, previous reflections come back. This is both with reverb and delay.

let me know if i am doing incorrectly.

Did you solve the problem? As I didn’t know how to fix it neither.

this is not a problem that needs a fix
it is the wrong way to handle FX

send only the part of the signal that should trigger the delay
or fade out the return when the delay is not needed/wanted

don’t use bypass nor use delay FX as inserts