Pink Cloud- Upstairs Party

Had a fun time doing session for the band “Up Stairs Party”. Songs written by drummer George Lilly. Matt Workman the guitarist/vocalist is great. Recorded on Cubase/Nuendo and mixed on Neundo by Bassist Randy Coleman. I played on 11 of 12 tunes for them. Great guitar tracks by Mat

Thought I would share :slight_smile:

Pink Cloud

Pink Cloud mix is great and the band is tight…Nile Rodgers would be proud!

I listened to these two and a few others on Soundcloud. Very tight, very nice, and sweet guitar. That sounded like fun.


Thanks Steve, Very fun indeed. Great players I have gotten to play with them occasional since sessions. I just had a bunch going on and couldn’t commit :frowning:

Great stuff. Schmick-oh-la!
Thanks for the post.

Hi Kenny, enjoyed immensely. Listened to first three and still listening. Must be a blast playing with these guys. Pretty sure I’ve heard of Matt Workman before.

good stuff ,i hear sting ,robben ford and the usual nashville influences,quality playing .

Thanks Jet!!!

Thanks for listening!!! Matt is a young guy who plays all styles but can chicken pick as good as anyone anywhere. Great player musician (here is a bad joke) and a great drummer also lol

Pro job, that was great fun playing along I guess. ( would have liked to hear some more keys though :wink: )

thanx for sharing

Sounds great Kenny!

Could do with a TOP-style horn section! :sunglasses:


I know!!! I tried to talk them into it but they wanted 4 piece:(


That was very cool. Really nice playing and production. Let me know when you’re playing out in Nashville. I moved here last year and live in Englewood.