Pinning A Track In The Project Window?

Hello, this is my first time posting here. I’m a new Cubase 7.5 owner. I’ve searched the forums and the manual and I can’t find a solution for this, all though I’m sure it’s out there: How do you pin a track (or several tracks) to the top of the project window, so that they stay in place while you are scrolling through the rest of the tracks???

If you look in the demo example project “Live Forever” the Arrangement track is pinned to the top of the Project. There’s a thick bar line underneath it, that differentiates it from the others tracks. I can’t find a command that would do this.

This is a feature that I would use constantly, as I always refer to the Arrangement track as a guide when I am recording.
Mucho thanks for any help here.

Dividing the track list, manual p 100. :slight_smile:

That was quick. :slight_smile: Thank you! Will try that tonight.