Pinning open/close status for inspector section

Is it just me, or is the “pin” function to pin the open/close status for selected Inspector sections for the Left Zone in the Project Window not working correctly?

Example: I want the “fader”, “insert” and “strip” sections to always stay open on the left side, so I pinned them in the “setup” while they were opened and saved also a preset for it (for audio, group and instrument tracks separately).
However the moment I click on “OK” to leave the setup window, all inspector sections get closed. Recalling a preset recalls the correct types and sequence of inspector sections, but it doesn’t open the zones stored with the pin (keep in mind I pinned the sections in the setup while they were open!). Not only would I expect the “OK” button to not cause all sections to be closed, but also recalling a preset to automatically open the pinned sections. The exact opposite is happening. If I manually open the different sections to see them at the same time, recalling a preset always closes all sections again.

What am I missing?

macOS 10.15.6, Cubase Pro 10.5.20


This is a known and already reported issue. Thank you.

any “update” to this getting fixed? It’s been YEARS already.


Sorry, it has not been fixed.

I think I stumbled on the solution, at least it works here. I’m using Cubase AI 10.

Imagine an invisible column directly under the pin. Click there for the item you want to pin.

Clicking the pin itself does nothing, just click in the column area and pin should appear.

Pinning doesn’t auto-expand the item, you have to do that, but it keeps it from closing when you expand another item. However, I can only get it to work with audio tracks.


You are right. This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

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It has been like this for a while now. these are the things we talk about that never get fixed no matter how long and how many times it gets discussed.

Steinberg has a bad history of halfassing “Features” just to get them listed in a release then ignoring the issues.
It really is tiresome. they did the same w/ the sampler track as users thought it was a joke w/ the lack of features.
It took 2 whole release to get some of the stuff that was asked for.

This pin thing is an absolute Inspector killer. It makes the Inspector cumbersome and constantly having to click and click then multiple clicks is becoming very VERY tiresome in Cubase.

Sorry to vent a little but it’s so frustrating when it takes years to fix something released as a feature.