Pioneer School

This track was completed in Cubase Elements 5 back in 2014. Yes. You read that correctly, and may wonder why I’m putting it here now. It’s kind of a happy ending tale you can probably relate to if you work with a DAW. I lost this and a few other things in a computer mishap back in 2016. All I’d had left of the song after that was an mp3, and a not so great mix I’d upped on Soundcloud (still there with about 650 plays as I write this).
Imagine my surprise when I found the “lost” project yesterday on a dvd-r that salvaged it, and a few other things when the computer crashed. I always liked this song, and I’ve actually been recording a new version of it over the last week or 2. I’d stupidly done that without having played my original in a while. What I find is that I’m now working on a fundamentally different song that’s related, but will need a new name.
In any case, I loaded the happily found dvd-r and opened this original version in Cubase Pro 11. I applied a little better knowledge of mixing and mastering to it than I’d had back in the Essential 5 days, but what was played then is unchanged.
Adding this here now to mark my serendipitous find of something given up for lost, and a glimpse back to my earliest days with Cubase-not to mention one of my compositions that I always enjoyed hearing and playing that was never here or on bandcamp.
This is a pretty simple recording. A couple of acoustic guitars, a fretless bass, and a pattern written and played on a Boss DR-880 drum machine. I’ll probably add my 2023 work that sort of revisits this here soon. In the meantime, here’s Pioneer School.

Thank you for sharing this. I think it has a specific atmosphere, i.e. it sounds like you. Happy for you that you could recover this tune. There can be really good ideas/themes in the early stuff even if the mixing and production is often times quite awful - this holds very much true at least for my early Cubase mixes and productions :grinning:

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Nice story, Swetch! Pretty cool tune too. Immediately I want you to reduce the low mids which are making the recording sound muddy.

Thanks for listening, Leon. I get what you’re saying about the low mids. I’d actually recorded the bass very differently back then, and I think some of what you might be reacting to is a Boss Chorus pedal on the bass that’s set a little off. I’ll look into it, but I’m actually a bit more focused on finishing the new thing which was once supposed to be a remake of this. That should be ready soon.
In the meantime, I put something brand new up here in late July called Walking the Woods. Not sure if you saw that. If you ever get a chance to go back and listen to that one, I’d be curious and happy to hear your take on that. Thanks in advance if you get to do that.
Take care in the meantime,