Pitch and velocity is changed when exporting

Hi, I have Cubase ai 10 (upgrade from 9).

I didn’t encounter this problem before. I will tell what happened. I was editing some piece of music in Cubase, using the Yamaha DGX 670’s Yamaha USB Steinberg ASIO interface, via a USB a-b cable.

  1. THen the piano automatically shut down due to the default value of remaining turned on.
  2. Now there is a prompt in Cubase to change the project settings or accept the change or so. The alternative sound card is the ASIO one, integrated in my laptop: Nitro 5.
  3. I chose not to change the project settings.
  4. I now exported the music file as MP3 and it has a higher pitch and velocity: All of it. It is just an MP3 file.

I checked the Interface settings and it says Yamaha Steinber USB and the sampling rate is k44.100 HZ or so. THe ASIO’s is 48000 khz.
Also upon exporting I checked several times that the rate is the same as that of the Yamaha interface.

I closed Cubase and opened the music project again and exported it anew. But to no avail.

I am puzzled as to what to do. :frowning:

Ok I found the solution. Was really easy. I went to check the Project → Project Setup → Record File Format → Sample Rate.

There I saw that the 48000 khz sample rate was not supported, but I had unfortunately pushed it to that format. I chose the 44.100 khz option at the top. Ét le voilà.