Pitch Automation for HALion

Trying to do pitch automation with a HALion track and not finding the parameter. In the HALion layout the right-click on the pitch knobs (octave, coarse, fine in the Voice/Pitch section) does NOT offer the “Show Automation Track” option as other parameters do. Also not finding pitch automation among the parameters in the automation track. Any suggestions, guys? Thanks for any input.


I’m afraid, there is much more controls, which is not possible to automate. In my HALion Sonic SE, I can’t find automation envelope for all parameters from the Edit tab, ie. Voice/Pitch, Filter, A,plifier. It’s not possible to assign this to the Quick Controls too.

The only one way, I know, is to assign MIDI CC, an do it this way.

And it sucks! Attack and release automation (for me) is critical when we talk about house music productions!

Attack and Release is possible to control by classical MIDI Controllers. Isn’t it?

When you prefer automation over MIDI, why don’t assign the thing you want to automate to a quick control within Halion (Sonic) and automate that one in Cubase.