Pitch automation

Is there a way to make pitch automation in the same way , volume / pan does ? or only the midi pitch ? which is impossible to control properly.

Thanks in advance !


What kind of Pitch do you mean? MIDI Note or Audio with the VariAudio enabled or Pirch of the Pitch Correct plug-in?

What is your use case?

want to draw a midi pitch same i do volume like , in ableton , here’s an example
Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 9.35.09 PM.png

Well, your example is pitch shifting audio not midi as it shows a waveform.
You can do exactly this (with audio) by the 2nd method I gave in your previous thread.

But for midi pitch bend you don’t have the same options…Using the line tools it’s easy to draw in a similar bend pattern but you can’t then just drag points around in the same way.

Since Cubase 9, you could import the audio sample to the Sample Track, then play the sample, and use PitchBend to do exactly the same. :wink:

i’m not sure which thread you are talking about but i found what i was looking for . at least its available on some of the instruments . when you use the actual mod wheel in the instrument GUI while the W (writing) is on , it does open a new automation lane just as volume !

p.s - if you are talking about my other automation post , i post a link with a great tutorial that explain how to do exactly what i was trying to do .

I’m waiting for the first update to do the upgrade . i can’t deal with too many bugs while i’m producing too much .

the new features look pretty cool . do you know , by any chance , if in that sampler , its possible to see the wave while doing the pitch envelope ? because you can do pitch envelope in the groove agent se but you need to guess where and how to draw . its not visual .

You can automate the Pitch parameter in the track, but it’s not related to the sample. You cannot see the automation envelope over the sample waveform.

because you can do pitch envelope in the groove agent se but you need to guess where and how to draw . its not visual .

Did you try the other method I posted…the pitchbend offline process dialogue - envelope tab…this has visual of the waveform though it is rather small it may help with shorter snippets of audio.

I’m afraid the new sampler track hides the waveform when you switch to the pitch editor.

is there a pitch wheel in this sampler ?

You will play a MIDI Note. The MIDI Note will trigger the sample.

Yes, you can use the PitchBend to control the Pitch continuosly. You can set the Pitch Bend range.

In the GUI, there is no Pitch Wheel. But there is the Pitch control, which you can automate.

the question is , does the pitch control work exactly like pitch wheel with no qunatize or like automate the pitch in groove agent which doest semi tone steps ?
is there a way to make a proper pitchbend in groove agent ?


In the Key Editor, you can write Continuous PitchBend data (8192 steps). Then it depends on the Instrument, how it is interpreted.

The 8192 is exactly what I’m trying to avoid . I want a host automation same as volume , sends and etc …

You will get the same range, but smaller resolution.

it’s just not comfortable , not user friendly . you cannot take a dot and another dont and make a ramp . you have to make a ramp with too many dots and if you want to change the ramp you need to make a new one , its very not convenient to catch the vero point . anyway , its just not comfortable as host automation which is great .

Yeah, logically we should be able to put a sample in a keyboard like plugin, so we can manage it very, very easy. I’m actually a bit surprised Cubase 10 doesn’t have it. Maybe in a next patch/update. I happen to have to use it a lot. I always go to Logic on the mac. Thing is, I always have to swap computers, save a sample on an usb blablabla long story short. It takes too long. I hope this will reach someone who can do something with this info :slight_smile: cheers


I’m not sure if I do understand it correctly. But do you mean a Sample Track by any chance?