Pitch before duration doesn't work for me correctly after update

Hi after I update to 3.5.1 pitch before duration does not work for me as intended.
in 3.5 when I play a note on my keyboard it played the correct note in this mode.
after the update, whatever note I play sounds exactly the same however when I press any duration it correctly enters the note.

anyone else experiencing this?

It seems to be working in exactly the same way as before for me, Raz2020. Could you be a little more specific about the way in which it’s not working as expected for you?

Thanks, Daniel
So I enable pitch before the duration…
From what I remembered, When I play C on my laptop it reproduced the correct pitch.
Right now it plays the previous note pitch in my score despite me playing C or A or B on my laptop keyboard.

Basically I don’t hear the correct pitch in “pitch before duration” but the shadow of the note moves to the correct position.

I never use 3.5.1 with “Play notes during note input and selection” turned on, but after checking this I can confirm, if inputting with the computer keyboard Dorico always sounds the last note that was input whenever you hit the next note you want to input. Not sure if this is new behavior or not but it certainly doesn’t seem desirable.

I generally want the auditory feedback before hitting the duration to make sure I have the correct note selected. As I am always using a MIDI keyboard and just want to hear a piano sound whenever I touch it, I leave that setting off, leave Enable MIDI Thru off, and either have another standalone VST running with a piano loaded, or switch my speakers to the sound output from my MIDI keyboard. I would imagine it would be useful to be able to replicate that sort of workflow with computer keyboard input too. Hit any note, hear a piano (or the staff sound if desired) play the pitch before input, then press the duration to input it. Confirming the pitch before input seems more valuable to me anyway than confirmation of the note after input. Again, I’m not sure if this changed or not, but if that’s what you are asking for Raz, I agree that it seems more beneficial for the user.

thank you FredGUnn for trying it out as well.
no, I am sure it is a bug it did not behave like this.

I’m afraid I still don’t follow. Using the computer keyboard I type e.g. G, then hit 6 to input it, and it sounds a G. I type A, it sounds A, I hit 6 to input it, it sounds A again. Can you tell me what I’m missing?

On a PC anyway, if I type a G, hit 6 to input, it sounds a G. If I then continue inputting and hit A, it will sound a G again. If I hit 6 it will sound an A, then will sound an A again as soon as I type the next pitch, no matter what it is. I never use this method of input so I hadn’t noticed before, but it is pretty distracting to have it always re-sound the previous pitch when typing a new pitch.

For what it’s worth, I am on a PC on the most recent version ( and AudioEngine version with Noteperformer as my default playback template, and everything behaves as it should, that is, as Daniel describes. Press G, G sounds, press 5, G sounds, press A, A sounds, press 5, A sounds, etc. etc. Additionally, alt-up and down audition the correct pitch as well.


I tried it with the midi keyboard just now and it works as intended. (no problem there)
G plays G and A plays A.

However, when I use my MacBook keyboard G plays G however A plays the previous pitch in this case G.

I never use this feature, but I did track down the ‘problem’ I think.

Like Daniel, I push G > 6, I hear a G. I push A I hear an A, push 6. All works as I expect.

If you have “Specify accidental, rhythm dot, and articulation” set to “after note input” (In Dorico preferences > Note Input and Editing), I get the issue described above, which makes sense. I might be raising the pitch or lowering the pitch and need to hear the alteration take place.

Those experiencing the problem, if you turn this feature on to “before note input” does the issue go away?


Yep, you figured it out! This is probably particularly annoying for any Finale converts who use keyboard entry as they will be more comfortable with entering modifications after the note is input. I would imagine a feature request to modify this to not resound the previous note, but sound the newly typed note would be very preferable for anyone using this type of workflow.

it worked in 3.5, I am sure it is just a bug introduced with the feature to resound the note after chosing a duration.

Thanks, Robby that fixed the problem however I love “Specify accidental, rhythm dot, and articulation” when it is set to “after note input” so i hope they come up with a fix.

Thanks very much for pinning this down. I can confirm that we’ve now found and fixed the problem, though I’m afraid I can’t say when an update containing the fix may be available.

Bravo Daniel,
This is why We love Dorico and the Team.