Pitch before duration input issue with Soundiron Voices of Rapture

I am using a number of Kontakt based sound libraries, including several by Spitfire Labs. that function as expected when inputing chords across multiple staves using a MIDI keyboard. When in ‘pitch before duration’ input mode, and I extend the input pointer to two staves each of which has a Kontakt player running one of the Soundiron Voices of Rapture instruments, I can only hear one of the voices. All chord notes are ready for confirmation by duration entry, but the response to the MIDI input is only one note. Staves that use Spitfire woodwinds and strings libraries respond properly to chord input. Anyone see this kind of VST instrument behavior? Is there a Dorico or Kontakt setting I need to be aware of? I wonder if all the Soundiron libraries have the same quirk. Test project attached.
VoicesOfRaptureInputPlaybackIssue.dorico (1.3 MB)

I’ve used multi-staff input with several different libraries, and they sound as expected, so I’d suggest it’s a Kontakt issue.

Incidentally, what’s the tuning like on the SoundIron Voices of Rapture? The Requiem Light library is woefully flat, and the Olympus Micro/Elements are also quite a bit under.

Soundiron wasn’t able to help. Upon further experimentation, I think that there may be a bug in the multi stave input support. In the test project, if you start input on the lowest VoR voice and extend the selection down into the Spitfire flute instruments, and play a 3 note chord, you don’t hear all three notes. The only note that is heard is the lowest note of the three notes using the VoR instrument, not the Spitfire flute.

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When you extend the caret across multiple staves, Dorico only plays notes using the sound of the first staff, I believe.

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Ah. Interestingly, NotePerformer plays notes well out of instruments’ natural range, so when multi-staffing Strings, I always get some sounds.

But presumably, if the lower staves are out of range for the top staff’s sample, you won’t get a sound.

Daniel is right. Which is a shame as that considerably lessens the value of multiple stave input and makes my original question moot. It also adds to my frustration with write mode. I get it that for proofreading, using only one sound is fine. If composing new music and using Dorico instead of a DAW, one sound is a disappointment.