Pitch Before Duration Questions

I’ve been experimenting with the pitch before duration entry method. What I’m noticing is that while I can see the pitch before committing it’s duration, I cannot hear the pitch before committing its duration. I only hear the pitch after committing its duration. Is this they way it’s supposed to work or am I missing something?

When in Pitch Before Duration mode, is there any way I can press a letter on my computer keyboard, both see and hear the pitch I pressed (to audibly doodle around as needed) and then commit it with a duration? Right now, I only hear the pitch of the note after I commit it. Which is really more like duration before audible-pitch. That would be more useful for someone with perfect pitch who can internally hear any note they type.

Audible-pitch before duration would be much more useful for me. Is it possible to do this? If not, can it be added to the program?


Have you set the note input options Edit-> Preferences-> Note input and editing?

Yes, I have those preferences set just as you do, and both boxes checked. So I take it that, when in pitch before duration mode, I’m supposed to be able to hear the pitch before committing it? That’s very encouraging! I just need to figure out why it’s not working that way for me!


Yes that box was already checked as well. However I’m not using a midi keyboard/controller - I’m using my Qwerty keyboard for note entry.

In that case you won’t hear the note until it is committed to the score.

I see. Thanks Daniel! Do you have any plans to allow hearing notes before committing, in this use case? Would you consider adding this feature? Or do you have any other workflows that you’d suggest to work around this?


Normally people tend to use pitch before duration input with a MIDI keyboard, so this isn’t really a combination of options that we had considered, I’m afraid!

Well that’s too bad. If you have a wish list, mine would be to make this feature usable with qwerty keyboards as well! :slight_smile: Thanks for all you guys do. Love the product!

Once you had played the “note” on your QWERTY keyboard, how would you get the sound to stop? That sounds as if it would drive one crazy, but YMMV.

I was thinking the sound would continue as long as the QWERTY key was pressed down.

Now I’m confused.

My QWERTY-only set up with pitch-before does sound when I select a key or click with the mouse (obviously no chords!) before the note is committed.

The sound repeats, much like a letter repeats, if the key is held.

Really? Exciting!! Tell me how you did it!!

@Janus It looks like from your screenshot you may be on Windows? I’m on Mac. I wonder if the Windows app version sounds the note before it’s committed???

Yes. Windows.
I made no changes to the default Dorico settings.

@dspreadbury Per comments above, it appears the windows version of the app may indeed sound the note before it’s committed with a duration (in pitch-before mode). If this ends up being the case, any insight on why it functions on Windows, but not on Mac? Or maybe bring the current Windows functionality to Mac? :wink:

In fact I was mistaken, and Dorico does echo the note you type with the letter name A to G when you are using the computer keyboard with pitch before duration input. So I suspect you do have a setting somewhere that is preventing this from working. Please try quitting Dorico, going to /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3.5, and moving the file preferences.xml to another folder (e.g. your desktop). Then run Dorico again and see if you get the expected auditioning during input.

Wow, that did it!!! I’m unbelievably delighted. This is my dream setup! I feel like making a generous donation! Or an obeisance! Or even a prostration!

Seriously, thank you so much.