Pitch bend editing - WTF?

OK, so I recorded some playing on the synth and some pitch bending along with it. I was not fully satisfied with the pitch bending result and decided to edit the pitch in the sequencer’s control lane for pitch bend, trying to draw with lines-tool. Well, that does not work well:

Erasing one part of the pitch bend makes the pitch bend part before the one erased expand until the pitch bend part after the one I erased.

Or, if I manage to somehow magically erase a part of the pitch bend without it going bananas and expanding into hell, and I try to record pitch bend once again:

Now it is making big gaps in the pitch bend when I record pitch bending once more.

WTF is up with this editing tool?? In Reason I’ve never encountered problems like this…

Does anyone know how to edit pitch bend properly, without the sequencer producing its own crazy-banana-pitch end???

Cubase Studio 4-5-2.

Aloha S,

Interesting question.

Here is my approach. (back up everything first)

If I had a MIDI track that contained;

1-MIDI note events and
2-Continuous Controller events (pitch bend)

and I was not happy with the pitch bend I would:

1-Duplicate the track (let’s call the duplicate ‘track 2’) (mute the original track)

2-Use the Cubase MIDI feature to ‘Remove all Continuous Controller’ events from track 2

3-Load a new blank MIDI track and
set it to the same MIDI channel as track 2 (let’s call this one track 3)

4-Playback track 2 but using your keyboard’s pitch wheel,
‘record’ new pitch bend info on track 3

Track 2 will respond to this new MIDI info because even tho’ they are on different tracks,
they are on the same MIDI channel. (this is why we muted the original track)

5-Once you are happy with the results, use the MIDI ‘Merge’ function
on track 2 and track 3 and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.

HTH (hope this helps)