Pitch bend entry problem

When adding a pitch bend in play mode I can see the red vertical line move horizontally but no cursor. It only appears when I stop moving the vertical line but it can be anywhere vertically and when I click on it to move it it leaves a marker which then needs to be erased. This only started in D 5. I use the line tool. Anyway, makes using it difficult. Is it a bug?

I’m not quite able to picture what you’re describing, Richard. When you have the line tool selected in the Key Editor, the mouse cursor is a little ±shaped crosshair, which is quite faint, but it should appear. Are you able to capture this behaviour in a screen capture video?

this is the best I can do but you can see how the + disappears.

Thanks for the video. Remind me, are you running a Windows or macOS computer?

Win 11

No response yet. It’s doing the same in the dynamics lane. No one else having this problem?

I’m not able to reproduce the problem myself. We made some improvements to the handling of custom cursors in the Key Editor in Dorico 5.0.10, but I assume you’re still seeing this problem with the most recent 5.0.20 update?

Yes, there is a slight improvement but it is stll a tricky thing to handle.