Pitch bend isn't working (CC Command DRUM MAP)

Sup there! Again!

Is there a way to control a pitch bend for an individual drums in drum map?
Because I noticed that the native ‘pitch bend’ feature doesn’t work there properly!
For e.g.:
In most cases i produce EDM beats, and I need an advance control for my drum kit, like snare and hi hat rolls with pitch up or down, but I can’t do this inside drum map. Why can’t I setting up a Pitch/Transpose CC command for individual HH or SNARE in Groove Agent throught DRUM MAP, like in Studio One’s Impact XT?


PitchBend is channel based, same as other MIDI Controllers, from the MIDI Specification. If you want to use an individual PitchBend for every single Note (Pitch), use Note Expression, please.

Btw, do you really need a continues PitchBend? What is your use case? If you want to change the Pitch of individual drum sounds (and keep the pitch for it for the whole song), wouldn’t it be better to change the Pitch in the Groove Agent itself? Directly the Pitch of the sample?

Hi, Martin!
Yes, I figured out with the GA. But this proccess is also bit confusing! Look:

  1. I need to lear a CC on sample’s pitch knob on GA.
  2. Then I need to move the knob or slider on my midi keyboard to assign a new CC on it.
  3. Then I go to drum map to hit there record button enabled and record a new Pitch CC for individual drums (snare, hh etc.)

Obvious Question!

What should I do if have no keyboard, if I’m on the road for example? Why can’t I assign a new CC via drum map bypassing all those steps above?

I produce EDM beats, I need more detail for my drums (for e.g. snare is playing and then at the end of a bar fastly goes up by pitch).
Does it make a sense?