Pitch bend issue

Hello. So I try pitchbend option in midi editor to transpose the note, but it goes up or down only by one tone (2 semis) regardless the pitch range. For example if the range is +2(semis), the note will transpose up to one tone, if the range is +6(semis), the note will transpose up to only one tone as well. I tried it on halion sonic GM 026 Steel Guitar and Gm 001 Acoustic Grand Piano.
I have Cubase Elements 11 trial version.
Also my licensers cannot identify 2 plugins: MPE Sounds Retrologue and MPE Sounds Padshop.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

First, you have to set up the range on the instrument side. Once this is done, you can set it up the same way in the Key Editor to get nice visual feedback. But important is the instrument’s Pitch Bend range.

Thank you a lot Martin! It really helped me! Could you please help me with the license issue or do I need to created another thread? Somehow it doesnt recognize the 2 elements which are shown on the attached image.


Create a new thread, please.