Pitch bend must be zeroed?

I have two separate midi parts on a track separated by a few bars. The first part has a pitch down at the end in the modulation. When I play in the project everything is fine. But when I render the part or do an audio mixdown, the second part sounded like the pitch wheel was still being held down. I had to go back and draw in the pitch wheel going back to neutral and it fixed it.

Is it supposed to do that? If figured two separate midi parts everything is “zeroed” on the new part. Again it only does this after rendering or exporting mixdown.


it might have something to do with the following midi preferences:

  • Never Reset Chased Controllers
  • Chase Events

Generally speaking: new midi part in the same midi track will playback the very last drawn CC of previous part.
Therefore you should zero the pitch bend in the new part, or at the end of the previous one, after the last note.

Hope this helps.

cool thanks