Pitch Bend: No curves?

I have been searching very long but I just couldn’t find any way to make real curves for the pitch bend (in controller data). It is only possible to use points or the line tool. Unfortunately you can hear the “jumps” the points do, if you use a big pitch bend range but a low pitch bend automation.
Is it not possible to draw a curve? Every other DAW can do this.

Page 383 and 390 of the operation manual! :unamused:

Thank you, but the line tool is not what I am looking for. I want to insert two points that draw me a line, not one hundret. It is too messy if you want to adjust the line (eg: you want to change your curve from 0-8000 to 0-7000) the other way round

You want to draw a line or you want to draw a curve?

Both can be done with the line tool, obviously the snap value determines the amount of data points.

I am sorry I am not a native speaker, I meant “line”. Yes, I understood that. But isn’t there a way to do that with only two “data points”? It is very difficult to adjust the line if you have to change either xxx datapoints or if you draw a new line.

Can you not use the scaling?

Unfortunately not, because it does not show me the current value (or I am just blind :smiley: ). Additionally it is still not the right thing if you use (and want to adjust…) more complex lines with a high “resolution” (like at first 45° and then 70°) because you need to zoom in if you want to select the right data points