Pitch Bend oddity

Today was the first time I use pitch bend in WL7 (7.1 on Mac) and what’s this? For pitching down I have to drag the envelope points up and vice versa? This is totally counter intuitive. I double checked this with WL6 and it has it correct: negative values for pitching down are achieved by dragging down, etc. Why is this reversed in WL7? That makes no sense.
Since WL7 came out I always have the feeling this program is an ergonomic enigma. Maybe its purpose is to test the patience of former WL6 users. I used all the WL incarnations before but I cannot get used to the GUI and its ‘traps’ of WL7.
After months of usage I still think its a GUI mess. Very sad indeed.

There is no difference between WaveLab 6 and 7, but this one: in WaveLab 6, the range is only positive, and in WaveLab 7, it is negative or positive. If you use a positive value in 7, there is no difference with 6. If you use a negative range, the result is inversed.

Yes, I missed the possibility of negative values in the heat of the battle, thank you for enlighten me. But for what purpose are these negative values? Flipping vertically seems easier and less graphically confusing to me.

It’s the same purpose as the graphical flip, but you are right, this is redundant, and could be confusing.