Pitch Bend snap-to-grid functionality

I have a suggestion on how to make the pitch bend automation lane more user friendly and less error prone.

Short version
The user should be able to input the bounds of the pitch bend (min/max range) in semitones, and then turn on/off a snap-to-grid functionality in the pitch bend editor. This should give the user an easier time dialing in diatonic movements in the automation instead of having to calculate the correct intervals in the current system.

Longer version
The automation editor should have a field where the user can input the range of a pitch bend in a certain direction, such as UP and DOWN. The values in these fields should then populate a grid overlaying the editor, which the user can enable or disable.
This grid should be laid out to match all the semi tones within the range specified by the user. So for instance, if the user specified +2 semitones UP and -2 semitones DOWN, that means that there should be five distinct semitones visible on the overlay representing each semitone available in both directions from (and including) 0.
Currently all of this has to be calculated by the user themselves, which can be quite difficult as not every synth preset has the exact same range, and the maths will have to be done at least once for each permutation of min/max range values.

I really like to have a pitch bend automation lane just like any other CC. Adding pitch bend data to a midi part is error prone because it doesn’t go back to zero after the part has ended.