Pitch Bend Wheel Changes Volume of a Specific Track

I just got a Samson Graphite 49 Midi Controller for some basic Midi-related tasks and it is behaving completely weird in Cubase 13. For some reason the Pitch Bend wheel is not only changing the pitch but changing the volume of a specific track (not even the track I’m trying to play MIDI notes on).

Even on a fresh, empty project with 1 track, the pitch bend wheel is not working right because in that scenario it both changes the pitch AND the volume (Screenshot below)

Everything regarding the MIDI controller is updated and using “Cubase” presets, I really don’t think this thing is at fault in any way.

Is there any way to investigate this from within Cubase and understand why it’s doing a weird thing with the volume? Why would a midi device control the volume of one specific track? That can’t be the fault of the MIDI controller, that’s a behavior in Cubase itself.

I used the MIDI Monitor insert and you can see, the MIDI controller is just innocently sending a “Pitch Bend” signal and nothing else. But for some reason Cubase is deciding that it should use that signal to mess with the volume of a track… how do I even begin to understand why?

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If you have a Mackie setup in your MIDI, and you’ve accidentally set its input port to your controller’s keybed port, then the pitchbend will alter the volume of track 1 of the selected bank zone. Similar behavior can occur if you have a midi remote device, and its input port again set to your controller’s one and there’s an assignment to volume.


Okay I think the problem here is that I just don’t know how the heck MACKIE input works or what it’s for.

When I change the Graphite’s channel to 2, it functions exactly as expected since my Instrument track is set to accept “ANY” channel. So I guess it’s just Channel 1 that handles the extra stuff you’re talking about.

That solves my Pitch Bend issue. I still don’t really understand how to actually make use of all the knobs and buttons on the MIDI controller. I thought I could control Volume, Pan, Mute and Solo for t racks with these but the only thing that really seems to do anything is the weird Pitch Bend/Volume behavior. The sliders and knobs make the CPU monitor jump but otherwise don’t do anything.

Oh well, Maybe I’ll figure it out eventually. As long as I can use the pitch bend on my Slide Guitar VSTi I can at least say I didn’t waste my money on this thing.

EDIT: Okay I actually figured this out, kind of. I basically have to create a “Surface” for this MIDI controller because there isn’t one. I messed around with editing a similar 49-key Surface that kinda sorta mapped some of the controls and I was able to make one of the sliders control the volume of Track 1. But that took like 10 minutes and I can’t imagine myself having the patience to map out this whole thing so I’ll probably just be happy the pitch bend works and move on with my life.


I would suggest that you build a surface from scratch, if of course you’re in need to and have some spare time. Editing existing ones for other controllers can lead to issues.

Yeah I might do that eventually because it seems like I could do a lot of cool things having all these knobs and buttons in addition to the keyboard. If anything it would be great to have a lot of particular shortcuts for the control room while recording. It’s just a shame no one has created one from the Samson Graphite 49; it really is a nice controller and affordable too. Also it’s weird that the default configuration doesn’t do very much besides assign the pitch bend to Track 1’s volume.

I’ll probably have to collaborate with someone in the future since creating the surface from scratch seems to be extra challenging. Using an existing one had some of the knobs linked up automatically but when I tried from scratch it only seemed to react to the pitch bend and keys.

This controller as many other, has a dedicated port for DAW handling. In its manual it’s named Port 5 (USB connection). When you begin to setup a new midi remote surface, you should choose this port as the midi in one.

Ooooh wow, that was it. The instruction booklet is really vague and I didn’t realize selecting #5 was mandatory for it to work properly.

Honestly I don’t think I really need to build a surface for this, the sliders and knobs appropriately handle Volume/Pan/Mute/Solo for the first 8 tracks + Stereo Mix and the transport buttons already work. This is pretty nifty!

Thanks for solving all of my related problems. For posterity and desperate people arriving here from Search Engines:

When using the Samson Graphite 49 MIDI Controller, the default Studio setup may not be correct in Cubase. Make sure to select MIDIIN5 in Studio Setup. This one simple step pretty much addresses all the problems I had here in a single step:

The “Graphire 49” option is tempting but it has to be the one labeled “5” or the whole controller won’t work right.

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And this is the Mackie mode we were talking about earlier :slight_smile: