pitch bend

Hello, I turn to the community because I have a big problem with pitch bend in cubase. Before I was in the studio and it was really beautiful, you sting “slide” for example and you place it just above your note and it is done. How to make cubase (now that I bought the pro version I will not separate) to go from C3 to C4 or C5 to “slide” because pitchbend in the editor does not allow us to go that far.
I speak of a vst instrument

It’s really sad if I understand well, in cubase pro you can pitch just 1 octave up? Then I can not make pitch down and I can not find help on this subject.

Pitchbend amount is dependent on instrument/patch I think. The Halion SE preset I just tried was adjustable to +24 and -48.

Or there is portamento (if the instrument supports it) which gives a slide from one note to the next.

thx, If you have links to tutos put them in comment, thank you

The bend range is set in the instrument. Most default to a Major 2nd up and down from center, however, many instruments can have a much wider pitch bend range. So, first find pitch bend range in whatever in instrument you are working with and set it as wide as you need it to be. Than you just draw in or record the bend. Easy. :slight_smile: